Here is a selection of projects we have worked on. Some projects are still ongoing so we will keep updating them.

100 Station Lane, Leicester LE7 8UF

A site redevelopment of a vacant site comprising the erection of a new dwelling with an outbuilding to the rear and a standalone garage to the front of the property.

113 Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5DL

A site redevelopment of an existing city centre mixed-use building to create additional apartments by erecting two an additional storey.

Larkfield, St. Andrews Rd, Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan

The demolition of an existing house and building of a new private executive house.

21 Pilot Close, Pilot Park, Coventry CV3 4RS

21 Pilot Close, Pilot Park, Coventry CV3 4RS is a greenfield site with planning permission for industrial use